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Family   Myrtaceae Genus   Plinia Scientific Name    Common Name    Years to Fruit   4-5 Years Fruit Size   3 CM Fruit Colour    Container friendly   Yes

Phitrantha, Species

Plinia Phitrantha Black Pearl

Family   Myrtaceae Genus   Plinia Scientific Name   Plinia Phitrantha Common Name   Plinia. Black Pearl, Jaboticaba Black Pearl Years to Fruit   4-5 Years Fruit Size  Fruit Colour 

Phitrantha, Species

Plinia Phitrantha Branca

Family  Myrtaceae Genus  Plinia Scientific Name  Plinia Phitrantha Branca Common Name  Jaboticaba Branca Years to Fruit  2.5 Years Fruit Size  3 CM Fruit Colour  Green